Stand up for Graduate Tutors at the next Board of Education meeting!

Tell the WCCUSD Board of Education to keep cuts out of our classrooms and learning centers.

When: Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Rally before the meeting at 5:30 PM
Meeting starts at 6:30 PM

Where: DeJean Middle School Multipurpose Room
3400 Macdonald Ave., Richmond
The entrance to the Multipurpose Room is on 33rd St., around the corner from the main entrance.

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What’s at stake?


In December 2018, the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) School Board of Education voted to cut graduate tutors effective next school year. Since then, graduate tutors, teachers and staff, parents and students have rallied together to show the Board that graduate tutors are indispensable to providing students who are struggling academically and students who are learning English with a quality education.

Cutting graduate tutor jobs would have a devastating impact on individual student achievement and would eliminate one of the only safety nets this demographic can consistently rely on for individualized, small group support.

Source: SACS unaudited financials. Object codes 1300, 2300, and 5800.

Source: SACS unaudited financials. Object codes 1300, 2300, and 5800.

Alternatives to classroom cuts

Rather than cutting student access to direct academic support, the WCCUSD community would like to see cuts made outside of their classrooms and learning centers. 

It is never ideal to eliminate any source of support. However, after reviewing a comprehensive list of WCCUSD’s contracts with outside consultants and vendors, Teamsters 856 believes there are more than enough areas from which to cut that don’t start in the classroom. 

A recent study of nine comparable California school districts shows that the average cost of consulting, professional services and management salaries is 11.8% of those school districts’ budgets. WCCUSD dedicates 16.4% on consultants, contractors and management salaries, second only to Oakland Unified. 

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read the report

Graduate tutor stories read about the impact graduate tutors make in and out on student achievement in and out of the classroom.

Letters of support — read letters, many of which are from English learners and Newcomer students who have relied on the extra support graduate tutors provide as they transition into new classroom, in a new school, in a brand new country.

One thing is very clear: Without graduate tutors, everyone loses.